The model viewer that can do more.


BIMteam Viewer

The BIMteam viewer allows you to conveniently retrieve, share or present building models. Models can be opened in the browser via a generated share link, regardless of device or location, all without the need for tedious installation or registration.

Integrated viewer functions support you in generating sections or measuring distances. Metadata of the model elements can be displayed and called up in the form of property sets. The construction animation function allows you to play back the construction process and watch your model grow. The models can also be ideally presented and put in the best light with the help of the extensive view functions.

Our viewer can do more: Connect the coordinated model with total stations or GPS to stake out directly with the help of the viewer (BIMtoField). Field points can also be saved and compared with the planning model.

Mobile Device Requirements:

The performance of BIMteam is highly dependent on the model of your mobile device. While we do not specify a minimum requirement, we recommend using mobile devices with 16GB of RAM or higher for optimal performance. This is especially crucial when working with larger 3D models or on construction sites. 

Browser Version Minimum Requirements:

Chrome 108

Firefox 101

Safari 15.4

Native App Requirements:

Windows: WebView 108